Development of Goal and Purpose Indicators for UNDP




Development of Goal and Purpose Indicators for UNDP

November 11, 2013

This report summarizes the trend results to emerge from analysis of the Purpose Level Indicator Framework developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace in November 2012. The methodology and indicator overview is provided in the final report of November 2012 which was prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace and updated with 2013 data in April 2013. This document should be read alongside the November report.


This document provides brief overview of the overall results of the focus countries most affected by Conflict and those most affected by Disaster Risk followed by country specific overview of each country’s scores as measured by the purpose framework.


The primary purpose of this work has been to develop a new set of composite indicators which will allow annual monitoring of development changes in relation to conflict and disaster risk reduction, and of the capacity to improve resilience within UNDP's focus countries for crisis prevention and recovery programming. This work informs basic understanding of whether focus countries are improving or regressing in terms of their exposure to conflict and disaster, and correspondingly whether national and local capacities are likely to be improving or regressing in their ability to prevent, mitigate and recover from violence conflict and natural disasters.