Circular Economy Strategies for Lao PDR

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Circular Economy Strategies for Lao PDR

October 3, 2017

Lao PDR developed a vision of a circular future which combines economic development with safeguarding the country’s unique nature and culture. This requires a systems approach which looks beyond isolated challenges or attempts to optimise individual installations.

The central location of Lao PDR, its hydropower resources, a solid agricultural and forestry basis for developing a bio- based economy, the potential to expand ecotourism, its modest wages and the integration into the ASEAN Community (Association of South East Asian Nations) are all major opportunities.

The study was developed by the Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion under the Ministry of Energy and Mines, UNDP and Shifting Paradigms.  A step-wise approach has been adopted which goes from priority setting based on national development ambitions and the metabolic profile of the country, to defining circular economy strategies.