GenU in Action: A Vibrant Tapestry of Youth-led Innovation Unfolds in Angola

18 de December de 2023

Authors: Daniela T. Lima (Head of Experimentation), Eneida F. Lima (Head of Solutions Mapping) & Judite T. da Silva (Head of Exploration)

Figure 1: Youth taking part on meet-and-greet exercise.

In a vibrant celebration of youthful voices, Angola prepares to witness the exciting launch of the Generation Unlimited (GenU) initiative. To set the stage correctly for the transformative initiative, UNICEF and UNDP co-designed their first Youth Forum related to the GenU, an event that held in the capital city of Luanda that was transformed into a lively platform for dynamic discussions. This one-day gathering showcased the impressive synergy of young minds from diverse backgrounds, passionately tackling the challenges hindering their journey to full potential and workplace integration.

Figure 2: Forum instruction moment.

At the heart of the Youth Forum were the GenU initiative's five pillars: skills, employment, entrepreneurship, connectivity, and social impact. A spirited group of 42 young participants, representing 24 different organizations and causes ranging from environment/climate change to LGBTQIA+ rights, engaged in thought-provoking discussions under these sustaining pillars. They delved into challenges within each pillar, offering ingenious solutions and emphasizing the importance of GenU as a Public-Private-Youth Partnership

Figure 3: UNDP & UNICEF colleagues.

Volunteerism emerged as a key theme under the Social Impact pillar, highlighting its potential for positive societal change and skill development. The entrepreneurship pillar tackled intersectional challenges, acknowledging barriers faced by marginalized communities and addressing issues of favoritism and racism. Connectivity discussions emphasized the need for equal opportunities, combating harassment, and promoting inclusivity, making GenU a beacon for positive change.

Figure 4: GenU pillar theme-based group discussion.

UNDP and UNICEF's collaboration underscores the powerful impact that can be achieved when these two influential entities join forces. Trough UNDP Accelerator Lab Angola, new methodologies and insights extraction forms were introduced, enriching the forum experience for participants.

As GenU gains momentum in Angola, the resounding voices of these young leaders are set to be a driving force for positive change, promising a brighter future for the country. We couldn´t be more eager to see what this will unfold. So, for now, we say: let the youthful energy and optimism pave the way!

Figure 5: GenU pillar theme based group discussion.