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UNDP statement on entitlements

Posted On August 30, 2018

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UNDP is aware of recent media allegations concerning the payment of entitlements to UNDP staff.

UNDP is a rules-based organization. For the benefit of its stakeholders, its staff, and the people it serves, UNDP recognizes it is of the utmost importance that administrative rules are applied consistently and fairly.

In recognition of that principle, and as standard procedure, UNDP regularly screens for compliance with administrative rules.

As part of that screening, UNDP pre-emptively and proactively commissioned an independent review by the UN Secretariat’s Office of Human Resources Management to ensure the fair and consistent application of rules related to eligibility for UNDP staff entitlements.

As soon as the review is complete, UNDP will examine its findings and take action as appropriate.

UNDP emphasizes that there is no evidence nor any suggestion that any member of UNDP staff has acted inappropriately or dishonestly.

UNDP will continue to ensure that rules and procedures are applied properly and correctly in this as in all other cases.