Effectiveness: Critical for Enabling the 2030 Agenda

July 11, 2019

New York, July 11— Achieving the 2030 Agenda will require urgent additional efforts. ‘How’ we partner and work together will be critical to getting the 2030 Agenda back ‘on track’. A Senior-Level Meeting (SLM) on Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation at the UN Headquarters in New York on July 13-14, will address how greater collective efforts on effectiveness can accelerate country-level progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The governments of Bangladesh, Germany and Uganda, and the non-governmental Co-Chair, supported by UNDP and OECD are hosting the SLM on the margins of the High-Level Political Forum 2019.

A recent special edition of the UN Secretary-General’s report on ‘Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals’ identifies some of the challenges: hunger is rising, due to conflict and climate change; more than half of the world lacks adequate sanitation facilities, increasing the risks of disease; and more than a million species face extinction.

Approximately 500 participants including a coalition of Vice-Ministers, Directors-General, Permanent Secretaries, civil society representatives, heads of organizations, parliamentarians and CEOs will come together to discuss cross-cutting and emerging issues in development effectiveness, exploring challenges and priorities for the future. Most importantly, the event will provide insights into several goals under review in 2019, alongside new country-level data on SDG 17-Partnerships for the Goals and SDG 5- Gender equality.

“Success will depend on more equal and trusting partnerships between aid donors and recipients; the development partners and partner countries”- jointly state Ulrika Modeer , UN Assistant Secretary General and Director of UNDP’s Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy and Susanna Moorehead , Chair of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) at OECD.

“To achieve the SDGs, our collective development efforts need to be as effective as possible. We need to protect the space for different development actors to make their contributions, to invest in national capacity to measure progress, to use country systems in ways that can build trust, and to make sure all actors are living up to their commitments under the 2030 Agenda.”

The two day event will launch 2018 Global Partnership monitoring results from a record 86 countries and over 100 development partners, covering more than 3,300 projects and programmes, share knowledge, guidelines, good practices, and tailored approaches to monitoring effectiveness— to provide evidence on progress in implementing effective development co-operation commitments at the country, regional and global level, and accountability among all development partners.

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