Roadshows roll out across Papua New Guinea on the future of Protected Areas

March 30, 2022

Kranget Boat stop, Madang

The Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, in partnership with UNDP, is rolling out regional roadshows to share information on updates relevant to the future of protected areas in Papua New Guinea.

The first roadshows, held during March, connected key conservation stakeholders in West New Britain, Madang, and in the country's Highlands region.

The roadshows aim to provide updates on the status of Protected Areas legislation, management tools, detailed analyses on biodiversity financing solutions, and outreach towards the 2022 Protected Area Forum - to be held in Port Moresby, in June. Upcoming roadshow events are also scheduled in the Highlands region and Port Moresby during April 2022.

UNDP’s Chief Technical Advisor, Dr. Andrew Rylance explains that CEPA, through their consultations, have developed a substantial resource base of information available for existing and prospective Protected Areas.

“In partnership with previous and current UNDP conservation investments, there are guidelines and tools to cover establishing, managing, financing and monitoring a Protected Area,” says Dr Rylance, adding that a new website portal ensures this information is available to interested stakeholders. See:

Each roadshow has also highlighted how technology and data sharing can improve access to information for environmental decision-making, as well as reduce the costs of management.

A new Natural Resource Hub is being established for Papua New Guinea, allowing stakeholders improved access to global environmental data and information. This will be linked to a new mobile application to support data collection and reporting, strengthening communication and information sharing across Protected Areas.