The East Sepik Provincial Government approves an annual budget of 500,000K to tackle gender-based violence

The budget will be used to implement the provincial GBV prevention and response strategy, which was developed in partnership with UNDP and the Department for Community Development and Religion through the European Union funded Spotlight Initiative.

September 20, 2023

The Provincial Executive Council of East Sepik Province has approved an annual budget of K500,000 (approximately US$138,354) to implement its provincial gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response strategy for 2023-2026.  This marks a milestone for UNDP as it provided extensive technical support to the provincial authorities to refine and finalize the strategy earlier this year.  

The 4-year strategy outlines ambitious plans for the establishment and enhancement of coordination mechanisms between district and provincial GBV authorities and partners. In addition, the province will work to strengthen the capacity of GBV service providers and referral partners to provide crisis support for survivors and conduct prevention interventions to challenge harmful gender norms.

“We congratulate the East Sepik Provincial Government for making this critical investment in tackling gender-based violence, which continues to harm countless women and girls across Papua New Guinea. We hope that every other province in the country will take note and follow this good example, as we and the Department for Community Development and Religion have long advocated” said UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Nicholas Booth, after the decision was announced.

Under the European Union-funded Spotlight Initiative, UNDP will continue to work extensively with the Department for Community Development and Religion to ensure that Provincial GBV Secretariats are established and GBV strategies, budgets and workplans are approved in other provinces across the country. These efforts are part of UNDP’s ongoing commitment to ensure effective coordination and delivery of GBV prevention and response services in the country.  

For more information, please contact:
Juho Valta 
Communications Analyst, UNDP Papua New Guinea