Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) Water Well Project: A Milestone Achievement in Sustainable Water Supply


May 19, 2023

Opening of Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) Water Well Project

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Jericho, 18 May 2023- The Palestinian Water Authority and its partners inaugurated the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) Water Well project, implemented through the United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People(UNDP/PAPP), with a generous funding from the Government of Japan.

The project aims to provide the much-needed water supply to the tenants in the Jericho Agro Industrial Park (JAIP) currently and in the future based on maximum well capacity, to support the functionality and accessibility of the JAIP Stage II (A) for investors, as per JAIP Master Plan. It also aims to strengthen the water network feeding Jericho, in addition to providing additional quantities for the citizens, by connecting the water well to the local network of the Jericho municipality.

In his opening remarks, Minister Mazen Ghunaim, the Head of the Palestinian Water Authority, emphasized that the water well project represents a significant step forward in the development of water resources. He added: “Despite facing delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this project is part of a broader effort to enhance the Palestinian water sector. Minister Ghunaima also highlighted that although the city of Jericho is blessed with abundant natural resources such as springs and wells, it remains crucial to intensify efforts to manage these resources effectively. The goal is to ensure their sustainability and protect the rights of future generations.

The well site will boast a production capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour, with a distribution of water resources to JAIP and Jericho Municipality. This collaboration will ensure an optimized and sustainable water supply for all stakeholders involved.

During the construction phase, which commenced in March 2021and concluded in May 2023, a remarkable total of 4,712 workdays were generated across the deep well site and water transmission line, fostering employment opportunities, and contributing to local economic development.

Nakashima Yoichi, Ambassador for the Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to Palestine, expressed his gratitude to all partners for their efforts in materializing this project, including Ministry of National Economy, Palestine Water Authority, Investment Promotion and Industrial Estate Agency, Jericho Municipality and UNDP.  Yoichi added: “The Deep Well project is the most recent major infrastructural investment that Japan has invested since the establishment of Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP). We have been working with our Palestinian partners for so long to establish and promote JAIP, and we hope for this project to attract further Palestinian investments to Jericho.”

Yvonne Helle, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator, said: “The water well project signifies more than just the provision of water. It serves as a symbol of resilience, progress, and sustainability. By incorporating eco-friendly practices and innovative technologies into industrial development, we set an example for others to follow. This project demonstrates that economic growth and environmental sustainability can coexist harmoniously, paving the way for responsible resource management and environmental stewardship”. Helle added: “Together, we have laid the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous future for JAIP and its surrounding communities”.

At the end of the opening ceremony, Palestine Water Authority and Jericho Municipality signed the management and operation agreement for the water well.


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