Our impact


Our impact derives from the service-driven focus of our expertise. Our Global Policy Network links UNDP expertise across country, regional and global teams. It’s an engine for thought leadership, UNDP’s programmatic work, and a vital delivery mechanism of our integration function.


Focusing on the ‘5Ps’ – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships we tackle issues such as gender equality, universal healthcare, sustainable production and consumption, and peaceful and just societies, along with the partnerships that promote these goals.


UNDP is the lead UN agency on the socio-economic response to coronavirus COVID-19. and we are supporting 140 countries with their Nationally Determined Contributions under the 2015 Paris Agreement.


Our work to elevate the rights of women encompasses combating gender-based violence, increasing women’s roles in leadership, decision-making and justice, and fostering a stronger role for women in climate crises, disaster risk reduction, and within justice systems.