Reducing Flood Risk in Kumanovo and Lipkovo Municipalities

Project Summary

UNDP supports efforts to significantly reduce flood risk in communities along Lipkovska River in the City of Kumanovo and central parts of Lipkovo. For this purpose, the following river regulations have been completed (or in advanced stages of implementation):


  1. Regulation of the most critical sections of the riverbed in total length of app. 1 km. This intervention will help directly protect an ethnically mixed community sharing a densely populated land resource extending along a high flood-risk zone.
  2. Extension of existing river regulation for additional 400 meters in the center of Lipkovo

These interventions build upon earlier UNDP-backed flood risk assessments that resulted in formulation of an optimized solution to the challenge given the multitude of local constraints imposed by urban development plans, existing structures and other site conditions.


- Complete technical documentation for regulation of the most critical urban sections of Lipkovska Reka through the City of Kumanovo in total length of app. 1.8 km

- Regulation of app. 1 km of urban riverbed in flood sensitive areas (within available budget)

- Regulation of app. 400 m of riverbed in the center of Lipkovo