UNDP Nigeria and Anambra Government Forge Partnership Towards the Attainment of Sustainable Development

August 9, 2023


The United Nations Development Program Nigeria works with the Nigerian Government at Federal and State level to support development initiatives focused on democratic governance and peacebuilding, inclusive and sustainable growth, environment and climate change, and crisis response and resilience. To deepen relationships in the southeast region of Nigeria, UNDP officially commissioned an office in Anambra State and signed an MOU with the Anambra Government on May 26, 2023. This landmark event means that UNDP Nigeria will be working closely with the government and people of Anambra.

Mr. Mohamed Yahya, UNDP Nigeria Resident Representative and Prof. Charles Soludo, Governor of Anambra State presenting the signed MOU


Over the next five years, UNDP will support initiatives aligned with peace and security, inclusive economic growth, environmental sustainability and resilience. This intervention will improve the quality of life for people living in Anambra state especially those negatively affected by armed conflict or violence, and persons affected by flooding and land degradation. These focus areas of intervention were identified based on needs assessment findings conducted by UNDP Nigeria in Anambra state.


Mr. Mohamed Yahya, the UNDP Nigeria Resident Representative, highlighted during the signing of the MOU that Nigeria faces a large financing gap to meet the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). He further mentioned that under the leadership of His Excellency, Prof. Charles Soludo, the Anambra State Government, UNDP would identify the existing gaps and explore ways to support the vision of the Anambra State Government in addressing these gaps.


Land degradation and heavy flooding have the potential to negatively impact businesses, education, quality of life, and the achievement of the SDGs. While these are global concerns, Anambra State faces specific challenges related to gully erosion, deforestation, and floodings which are at the forefront of environmental concerns within the state. To this end, UNDP Nigeria will be working closely with the Government of Anambra to mitigate the impacts of climate change and provide lasting and sustainable solutions.


UNDP Nigeria office in Anambra State during the official commissioning


Speaking during the commissioning of the UNDP Anambra office,  Professor Charles Soludo, the Governor of Anambra State emphasised on the importance of partnerships. He stated that Anambra requires collaborations with the private sector on both national and global levels. He further highlighted the pivotal role of UNDP in three fundamental aspects including knowledge provision, resource mobilization, and the establishment of networks. 


UNDP Nigeria remains committed to fostering dialogue, reconciliation, and inclusive development to enhance peacebuilding efforts. By fostering peaceful coexistence, a safe and a thriving Anambra state can be created where people can effectively thrive and participate in economic activities that promote economic growth. Over the next five years, UNDP Nigeria will embrace innovative approaches to position Anambra as a hub for innovation and start-ups. 


These milestone events mark the beginning of stronger partnerships between UNDP Nigeria and the Government of Anambra towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and a resilient future.  By addressing pressing issues, UNDP aims to provide lasting and sustainable solutions that will positively impact the region's economy. 

Cutting of the ribbon at the commissioning of UNDP Nigeria office in Anambra State