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April 19, 2023
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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Samsung Mobile are thrilled to announce the expansion of Generation17 – a joint initiative aimed at empowering young changemakers to achieve the Global Goals.

If you are the leader of a Global Goals-focused initiative and are interested in being part of the next community of Generation17 Young Leaders, please apply by 7 May 2023 12:00 AM EST.

If you're selected, you’ll have the opportunity to network and engage with a group of inspiring young leaders who are advocating for meaningful change. UNDP and Samsung Mobile will open access to their technology, knowledge, and global platforms to enable your success and scale the impact and visibility of your work.


More about Generation17 

In 2019, Samsung Mobile and UNDP partnered to create the Samsung Global Goals app, an education and donation-based app that raises awareness for the Global Goals while empowering users to take small actions that amount to big change. The app is installed on nearly 300 million Galaxy devices worldwide and enables users to donate directly to UNDP’s global initiatives. 

Through this collaboration, Samsung and UNDP are leveraging their unique capabilities to help spark meaningful change. Generation17 builds on this innovative partnership by elevating the voices of young leaders while providing the resources they need to better connect with their peers and take on the Goals. 

Millions of young people worldwide are already mobilizing their communities to protect their collective futures and engage in the global development agenda, but they struggle to have their voices heard. Every day, young people demonstrate that they can bring a wealth of ideas, solutions, and initiatives to progress the Goals. As the events of the next decade will greatly impact this generation, Generation17 seeks to further support young people in achieving this collective mission. 

Generation17 is also aligned with the broader United Nations Youth2030 strategy, which recognizes young people’s agency, resilience, and positive contributions as agents of change. Since 2020, the initiative has gathered 14 young leaders across six regions, focusing on issues linked to all 17 Global Goals. Samsung and UNDP look forward to growing Generation17 and further maximizing its impact with this open call for applications.

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Eligibility Criteria 

- You are between the ages of 18-30 years at the time of application

- Your organization/initiative has been active for at least 6 months
- Your organization/initiative addresses multiple Global Goals and represents a range of focus areas, e.g., underserved populations, LGBTQIA+ advocates, persons with disabilities (PSD), native communities, etc.
- You are not currently enrolled as an individual in any UN-related programs, sponsored by any UN agency or selected to represent other programs or initiatives at the time of application
- You are forward-thinking and innovative
- You have demonstrated experience working to advance the Global Goals at the local, national or regional levels and are committed to issue advocacy and the 2030 Agenda.
- You have ongoing support from the local community which your organization supports
- You are currently involved with leading youth networks, movements, organizations or support youth-led entrepreneurship
- You oversee and/or partner with a broader team in your existing role

- You are active on social media or are willing to engage on social media
- There is no active criticism of you/your organization
- There is no evidence of your active criticism of prominent brands on social media
- You speak English and have excellent public speaking, communication and leadership skills
- You have demonstrated a commitment to solving social challenges and an ability to lead and inspire others effectively
- Your work has the potential to shift human behavior, inspire youth to take action and build a sense of community

- You uploaded all documents requested
- You uploaded an introductory video that is no longer than 2 minutes
- You included your bio, and additional information on your work and replied to all guiding questions
- You included links to all active social media channels

Please note that the application form is in English and should be submitted in that language only.