Municipal elections 2023: Political parties and groups already know their positions on the ballot paper and airtime on public broadcasters

August 29, 2023

The twenty-one (21) political parties and groups competing in the sixth municipal elections, scheduled for 11 October, already know their position on the ballot papers and airtime on the public broadcasting services (Televisão de Moçambique and Rádio Moçambique) during the election campaign.

The moment when the order of the ballot papers and the airtime on public radio and visual broadcasting services is drawn

UNDP/Mateus Fotine

The order on the ballot papers and the airtime on the public radio and visual broadcasting services were dictated by a draw held today morning in Maputo by the National Elections Commission (CNE), with the support of the UNDP's Democracy and Elections project, in the presence of 21 political party representatives, political party coalitions, groups of voting citizens and the media.

According to the legislation, the lists of the political parties, coalitions of political parties and groups of proposing citizens who are running for all the municipal councils (Mozambique Liberation Front, Mozambican National Resistance and Mozambique Democratic Movement) are drawn first. The remaining political parties, coalitions of political parties and groups of proposing citizens occupy the ballot paper from the fourth position onwards.

Proponents of political parties, coalitions of political parties and groups of voting citizens noting their position on the ballot paper

UNDP/Mateus Fotine

According to the result of the draw, the candidates will be presented on the ballot paper in the following order:

01. Movimento Democrático de Moçambique (MDM), 
02. Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (Frelimo), 
03. Resistência Nacional Moçambicana (Renamo)
04. Acção de Movimento Unido para a Salvação Integral
05. Partido para o Desenvolvimento de Moçambique 
06. Associação de Amigos de Amurane para Moçambique Melhor
07. Associação Cidadãos de Moçambique
08. Partido Humanitário de Moçambique
09. Coligação União Eleitoral
10. Partido dos Verdes de Moçambique
11. Movimento de Reconciliação de Moçambique
12. Partido do Progresso do Povo de Moçambique
13. Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Criança e Jovem da Comunidade
14. Coligação Esperança do Povo
15. Associação de Deficientes de Moçambique
16. Associação dos Trabalhadores Informações de Moçambique
17. Coligação Aliança Democrática 
18. Partido Nova Democracia
19. Associação Nacional de Assistência a Jovens Delinquentes
20. Associação dos Naturais e Amigos de Mocimboa da Praia
21. Associação Olompa

The results of this draw to determine the order of the lists on the ballot paper and the distribution of airtime on public broadcasting organisations (TVM and Rádio Moçambique) during the election campaign will be sent to the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) for the appropriate purposes.

The organisation of the airtime programme during the election campaign by the contestants is the responsibility of the respective media outlet, based on: 
a) The airtime distribution map resulting from the draw provided for in this resolution; and 
b) The approved Airtime Regulations.

CNE representative presenting results of the draws

UNDP/Mateus Fotine

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