Launched campaign to promote collective action for women’s participation in elections

June 22, 2024

To enhance women’s participation in the Mozambique elections, Forum Mulher, UN Women, and the UNDP Democracy and Elections Project have launched a national campaign that aims to create an inclusive environment where women’s voices are heard and valued, breaking down barriers and providing necessary support for active participation in the electoral process. The activity is supported by the governments of Canada, the European Union, Norway, and Spain.

Participant showing some cards with key messages advocating for women's participation in elections

UNDP/Mateus Fotine

The advocacy event took place simultaneously across all provinces of the country, involving more than 500 women and electoral actors, including representatives from the Electoral Management Bodies (STAE and CNE), and various political entities, gathered in the provinces and in Maputo at the central level. 

Declaration of Commitment

As part of this campaign, the Declaration of Commitment to Collective Action on Women and Elections was presented. This initiative ensures women’s perspectives and participation in the upcoming General Elections on 9 October, reinforcing the need for continued efforts to promote gender equality and inclusive governance. The Declaration was drafted by 30 women’s organizations and is directed at political party leaders, electoral management bodies, and civil society to promote a collective action to include women in the electoral process as candidates, observers, voters, party agents, and polling staff.

The full document can be downloaded HERE (available in Portuguese version). 

Participant showing some cards with key messages advocating for women's participation in elections

UNDP/Mateus Fotine

Event Highlights

Simultaneous Provincial Events: Events in all provinces of Mozambique  symbolized national unity and collective effort, bringing together diverse groups focused on a common goal.
Broad Participation: Over 600 women and electoral actors showed widespread support for gender-inclusive elections and recognized women’s crucial role in the democratic process.

Key Takeaways

  • “Today marks a significant step in ensuring women’s voices are influential in the electoral process. We are committed to breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive political environment.”
  • “Women’s participation in elections is essential for true democracy. This declaration is a powerful commitment to ensuring women’s rights and voices are integral to the electoral process.”

UN Women and UNDP are implementing coordinated strategies to promote women’s participation in elections. These include capacity-building programs, awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts to empower women and ensure their equal representation in politics.