Municipal elections 2023: STAE discusses internal and external communication best practices

September 5, 2023

With a view of the upcoming Municipal Elections, scheduled on 11 October, officials and communication technicians from the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE), from all 11 provinces of the country, are meeting in Maputo for a two-day seminar to discuss best internal communication and 
public relations practices.

UNDP/Rochan Kadariya

Among other topics, the two-day seminar will discuss the best external and internal communication strategies, techniques for preparing news and press releases, the relationship between STAE and media organisations at all levels, website management and the accreditation of journalists to cover electoral processes.

The seminar is being held in partnership with the UNDP Democracy and Elections project and with the generous support of the Governments of Norway, Canada and Spain.

UNDP/Rochan Kadariya

For more information:

Andres Castillo. Tel +258 850751959, - CTA, Democracy and Elections Project 
Rochan Kadariya.  Tel. +258 842776492, – Digital Electoral Solutions Specialist
Mateus Fotine. Tel. +258 879880203, -  Information and External Relations Officer