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UNDP in Montenegro


UNDP has supported Montenegro to meet its reporting requirements to international treaty bodies on environment/climate change and increasing and implementing its national climate pledges. This positions UNDP well as a partner for deeper institutional capacity development. UNDP has successfully piloted a number of innovative initiatives to reduce the country’s carbon footprint in the tourism and transport sectors.

This suggests that UNDP can better leverage its comparative advantage by addressing environment/climate change and economic growth under one consolidated portfolio. UNDP will pilot and scale up initiatives to protect nature, promote sustainable use of resources and encourage green growth.

At the same time it will strengthen resilience to climate-driven disasters and the institutional capacities needed to prepare and implement development strategies that reduce emissions, are resilient to climate change and accelerate sustainable development. Special attention will be given to advocacy to increase the participation of women in designing the country’s climate mitigation and adaptation responses.

This requires more efforts to understand and address gender gaps in responding to climate change and evolving green labour market opportunities, while protecting vulnerable groups to ensure a gender-just transition.