“Stefan cel Mare” Academy will become a modern training centre for future police employees

December 21, 2022

Various units of “Stefan cel Mare” Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be renovated and endowed with modern equipment in the framework of an UNDP project, funded by the U.S. Government. Every year, hundreds of students and trainers who work in this education institution will enjoy better conditions.

The Forensic Laboratory of the Academy will be renovated and endowed with the new technologies applied during criminal investigation actions, such as: crime scene investigation, searches, line-ups, etc. At the same time, future police officers will learn how to perform express analysis of drugs, blood, explosives etc., and apply methods that ensure the prompt research of the criminal case and identification of the perpetrator. Various classrooms in which students will learn how to perform different types of investigations – ballistic, graphological, digital examinations etc. – will be renovated.

The Forensic Laboratory is located in one of the Academy’s buildings, which was built in the 1950s. The site has a total area of 545 m2 and it has never been renovated since 2007.

A feasibility survey regarding the modernization of the Academy’s shooting range will be conducted as part of the same project and the reconstruction and endowment needs are to be identified based on the feasibility study’s results. This location was partially renovated in 2009.

Also, the project provides for the renovation and equipment of the multifunctional hall, where police officers and cadets are trained in defensive tactics. After the upgrade of the multifunctional hall, at least 400 police officers will be trained by the end of the project.

"The students of the 'Ștefan cel Mare' Academy are the future employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who will watch over public order and security. It is important to invest in them and in their professional development, so that citizens are provided with quality services and we live in a safer society," said Daniela Misail-Nichitin, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Our aspiration is that the professional development at the Ministry of Internal Affairs is focused on practical exercises to the highest extent possible. This project aims at building the capacity of ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Academy so that the acquired theoretical knowledge is strengthened with the development of relevant practical life skills,” said Brett Rose, Director of the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Section at the U.S. Embassy to the Republic of Moldova.

“By this new partnership with the U.S. Government, we aim to reinforcing national capacities and structures to provide skills-based training for law enforcement professionals in Moldova, in line with international best practices. This will contribute to increasing public confidence in the police system and increasing their professionalism, efficiency and accountability,” said Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

“Strengthening police training capacities in the Republic of Moldova” project will be implemented until 2024 and has a budget of US$1,681,000.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police of the Republic of Moldova have a long-lasting collaboration with the U.S. Government and UNDP, during which various activities were carried out to strengthen institutional and professional capacities of police to ensure a safe environment for all men and women in the Republic of Moldova and increase people’s trust in police.

“Stefan cel Mare” Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was established in 1990 and provides initial and in-service training for police officers. The institution provides legal and police professional training for officer ranks as part of higher education and prepares police officers for sub-officer ranks.