The non-formal qualification in the field of construction, culinary, education and ecology can be recognized at home

Posted December 27, 2019

People who have work experience in the fields of construction, culinary, education and ecology can validate their skills due to a pilot program of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. The initiative is supported by the UNDP “Migration and Local Development” project, implemented in partnership with the International Organization for Migration Mission to the Republic of Moldova and with the financial support of the Government of Switzerland.

During the piloting stage, four validation centers were involved: the Center of Excellence in Construction, the Center of Excellence in Services and Food Processing, “Alexei Mateevici” College and College of Ecology.

People wishing to have their professional qualifications recognized must contact one of the four validation centers, depending on their area of specialization and interest, to file the necessary documents. Subsequently, after taking some tests, those people will get certificates that recognize their professional skills.

More details about the stages of the qualifications recognition process, including the documents that are required and the contact details of the validation centers, can be found here.

The non-formal and informal qualifications recognition is a process by which an authorized institution confirms the fact that a person has professional skills, knowledge and competences, acquired through work experience, but without having specific formal education in that field. Hence, people who are going to benefit from qualifications recognition services and will receive the respective certificates, will be able to enter the labor market legally and faster. Beneficiaries can be both people from Moldova, as well as citizens returning from work abroad, who have acquired new professional skills working in fields different from their studies.

The piloting stage in the four validation centers will take place until the end of the first quarter of 2020. Subsequently, this mechanism will be implemented at the national level and cover other fields and professions.

So far, 15 candidates have already been partially or fully certified, as having the necessary qualifications for 6 professions: baker, confectioner, waiter, controller-cashier and plumber.

The aim of this initiative is to align the services of the education system with the labor market needs, to create conditions for legal and decent work of Moldovan workers and easy and efficient reintegration of the returning migrants into the labor market.