Gendered Voices : Women in Technology in Seychelles

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Gendered Voices : Women in Technology in Seychelles

April 1, 2022

This edition of Gendered Voices provides insights into the experiences of five Seychellois women working in different spheres of technology. Maria Stevens founded the first call center in Seychelles; Emilie Chetty has built a name for herself in the film industry; Marie Reine Ahoune is devising a pioneering technological strategy to heighten maritime surveillance; Brenda Bastienne is resourcefully contributing to FinTech, Blockchain and AI innovations; and Lisa Bastienne is utilizing digital platforms to empower youth in sustainable development. This newsletter highlights the opportunities, achievements and resilience built by women in their respective fields, especially since the onset of COVID-19. The evidence-based information may provide substantial entry points for policy making and help formulate inclusive targeted strategies and programmes to empower women in technology and ultimately to meet their immediate and long-term needs.
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