Inclusive Growth




In line with the UNDP Signature solution 1 – Keeping People Out of Poverty, UNDP supports both countries capacity development across government to formulate and implement sustainable, inclusive and gender-based policies to achieve Agenda 2030. Working with partners across the UN system and beyond, the UNDP is leveraging its strengths and expertise to assist the Government of Mauritius to keep the marginalized and vulnerable section of the population out of poverty. In this context the UNDP Country Office in Mauritius has designed tailor-made activities to initiate a vibrant private sector which will create decent jobs and livelihoods.


In Depth

The Government Programme 2020-2024 and the Blueprint for Mauritius’ Vision 2030 provides a sound and long-term reference framework for national development and call for a new economic model, new patterns in the public sector and other structural changes required for Mauritius to reach the high-income status, to promote an inclusive society and to eradicate poverty. To that end, the UNDP has been instrumental in providing technical expertise in the elaboration of Vision 2030.

The Country Programme’s thrust is to bring significant added value in high-level policy support for inclusive development, gender-sensitive policies, public sector efficiency and digital transformation.