Electric Bus in Mauritius

Promoting Low-Carbon Electric Public Bus Transport in Mauritius

This project will support the introduction of electric buses for public bus transport in Mauritius, supporting the government’s transport energy strategy goal of increasing deployment of electric buses by 2025, reducing fossil fuel consumption, GHG emissions and pollution from transport sector.

The project will also support the government in designing and promulgating conducive policy and regulatory framework for electric bus deployment, associated electric vehicle charging infrastructure and scientific disposal/recycling.

The overarching goal is to support the government in transitioning the country towards a modern, low-carbon, gender-sensitive, inclusive and sustainable public bus transport system to complement other modes of low-carbon transport such as Metro Express.


  • Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail
  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
  • Agence Française de Développement
  • National Land Transport Authority
  • National Transport Corporation
  • Traffic Management and Road Safety
  • Metro Express Ltd
  • Private Bus Companies and Mauritius Bus Owners Cooperative Federation Ltd
  • Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
  • Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change
  • Business Mauritius
  • Mauritius Bankers Association Ltd and Commercial Banks
  • Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare

Download the project factsheet here.


  • An estimated 21,000 direct project beneficiaries (10,500 women + 10,500 men) will each be taking at least 1 passenger-trip per day.
  • 15,567 tCO2-eq of direct transport-related GHG emissions will be reduced due to deployment of public transport electric buses and a limited number of solar powered charging stations.
  • 0.75 MW of grid-connected Solar PV capacity will be installed for net metering-based electric bus charging stations.
  • At least 60 public transport electric buses will be procured and deployed with support from enhanced capital subsidy scheme and concessional finance.
  • At least 15 solar powered electric bus charging stations will be procured and deployed with support from capital subsidy scheme and concessional finance.
  • At least 10 targeted campaigns on women’s safety and comfort features on public transport buses and Metro Express will be executed.


Project Context


vehicles registered with the NLTA (as of May 2023)


Increase in GHG emissions from transport sector between 2018 and 2019

Rs 4 Bn

lost from the country's GDP per annum due to traffic congestion

A Gender Action Plan will guide gender mainstreaming in the project implementation