Coral restoration, Seychelles




As Small Island Developing States, Mauritius and Seychelles are prone to many environmental threats such as climate change, coastal erosion, and water management, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, invasive species, marine pollution, waste management, sustainable land use.
These factors have made UNDP Country Office to support governments pathway for sustainable development and environmental protection promoting adaptation and mitigation measures. Hence, mainstreaming environment, climate and natural resource management in its development programmes is of prime importance.


In Depth

The UNDP Country Programmes for Mauritius and Seychelles came into effect with a particular focus on climate change nexus in both cases. The UNDP is currently the main Executing agency for the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and the Adaptation Fund in Mauritius. UNDP is also an accredited entity for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and is able to support the Government of Mauritius to mobilize resources and also provide the oversight in implementation.

The Environment Unit is responsible for the smooth implementation and quality assurance of ongoing and pipeline projects of the Environment Portfolio of UNDP in Mauritius. The UN Strategic Partnership Framework (2019-2023) and the UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD) 2017 – 2023, serve as the guiding framework.

The current Mauritius Country Programme 2017-2023 is aligned with the Government’s national development priorities and focuses on the inclusive development and public sector efficiency; and climate change and sustainable development. The Environment Portfolio aims to build on the concept of the blue economy and low carbon economy through the development and implementation of projects on the restoration of ecosystem services through the preservation, conservation and protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the reduction of carbon emissions through energy conservation and renewable energy generation. For all projects currently being implemented or developed, gender mainstreaming related policies are implemented through project specific gender action plans.