Call for Proposals for NGOs Supporting the Creation of Small Businesses and Strengthening the Livelihoods of Returnees and IDPs in Murzuq

Call for Proposals for NGOs in Murzuq

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Call for Proposals for NGOs Supporting the Creation of Small Businesses and Strengthening the Livelihoods of Returnees and IDPs in Murzuq

December 1, 2023

UNDP with the generous funding of the USAID, seeks to support the population of Murzuq with asset recovery to returnees rehabilitating their micro and small businesses and/or replacing their damaged productive assets which are helping returnees to Murzuq who lost their livelihoods and productive assets due to the conflict, to replace their lost assets, or recover them partially, as a boost to restart their economic activity and reestablish their livelihoods.

This Call for Proposals is part of UNDP’s  Local Peacebuilding and Resilience programme for the South of Libya, aiming to structure the investment for rebuilding infrastructure, enhancing public service delivery, and rehabilitating war-damaged areas and buildings in Murzuq, which is expected to contribute to strengthening reconciliation processes and economic recovery to ensure the voluntary, safe and sustainable return of displaced community and residents.

Objectives and expected outputs/ deliverables

The key objectives of this project are to:

  • Support the affected population,  primarily returnees and the residing communities, to restart their livelihood activities and reduce dependency on aid for longer periods.
  • Recover the lost/damaged livelihood productive assets of affected households and protect against erosion of the household’s other remaining assets and capacities.

Detailed objectives, related outputs, deliverables and key considerations are provided in the Terms of Reference included in Annex I.

Eligibility and qualification criteria  

  • A non-governmental, charitable, non-profit organization (or coalition led by such) operating in Libya in humanitarian or development projects for at least two years with proven access and implementation capacity in Murzuq Municipality (formal letters to be submitted).
  • At least one proven project in implementing asset recovery or small grant programme through distribution-in-kind or cash grants to households implemented in Libya, is required.
  • The geographical areas of operation of the NGO must match the selected municipality (Murzuq), or the NGO has to ensure that it has the ability and staff to support implementation in Murzuq.
  • At least one previous experience conducting business training for MSMEs, farmers or households in emergency livelihoods is a strong asset.
  • Previous experience in project administration from the UN agencies is a strong asset.

NGOs must have a team of at least four or more members satisfying the requirements that are provided in the Terms of Reference (TOR) – Annex I.

Submission Process

Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission. 
Selected applicants must submit their proposals through email to by the deadline: of 16 December 2023 with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2022 Asset Recovery Murzuq.”
PLEASE make all efforts to ensure your proposal does not exceed 10 MB in size.


Interested NGOs may obtain further information or clarification by submitting emails no later than five days before the deadline for submission to the UNDP Libya office with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2023 Application for Asset Recovery Murzuq: Request for information” to the following address: