Call for Proposals Managing grant programme for micro and small businesses established by the graduates of the Libyan Korean Centre in vocational Careers

Call for Proposals Managing grant programme for micro and small businesses established by the graduates of the Libyan Korean Centre in vocational Careers

July 18, 2022

UNDP Libya continues to support Libya's transition toward economic recovery and sustainable development. To respond to the many challenges people in Libya are facing, the UNDP approach is to help the country get on a more robust development pathway helping the local authorities to restore essential services delivery and livelihoods opportunities and promote social cohesion. In this context.
With generous funding from the Republic of Korea, UNDP is supporting the development and implementation of local economic recovery strategies that stimulate growth through employment creation. The project aims at supporting the Libyan Korean Centre (LKC) for Building and Construction Professions and other vocational professions, that was established in August 2008 as part of a cooperation agreement between Libya and Korea.

UNDP Libya is launching this call for proposals to engage a qualified International or National NGO through collaborative advantage modality[1] with experience in TVET and grants distribution to support the implementation of grants award scheme in coordination with the newly established unit of the LKC Career Centre.


The objective of this project is to set up the framework, and governance mechanisms and distribute grants to graduates of LKC in pursuit of starting a new business. The grants aim to operational service professions (mobile repair, construction, welders, installation workers, food processing, textile, and other vocations of the LKC) into micro and small enterprises by providing seed capital for the acquisition of the necessary tools, equipment and covering startup costs.

Detailed objectives, related outputs, deliverables and key considerations are provided in terms of Reference – Annex I.


The applicants for the project have to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • An international or national NGO registered in Libya for at least three years (non-governmental, charitable, non-profit or grant-making organization).
  • Proven experience in the governance management of small grant programmes – at least 2 (for each of these programmes, the scope required of minimum 20 beneficiary enterprises or civil society organizations).
  • Previous experience (not limited to Libya) with technical and vocational training programmes is a strong asset.
  • Experience with supporting the legal registration of businesses in Libya is a strong asset.

The parameters that will determine whether an NGO is eligible to be considered by UNDP will be based on the Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) for NGOs that should be duly completed and submitted alongside supporting documents request.  

Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) For NGO template – Annex III.

Budget size:

The overall indicative grant pool amount made available under this Call for proposal is US Dollars 300,000.00, targeting between 30 to 60 micro and small businesses to be supported. UNDP reserves the right not to award all available funds should the number and quality of applications not meet the criteria. Moreover, UNDP reserves the right not to fund any proposals arising from this Request for Proposals

The administrative, management, and overhead costs reflected in the financial offer should not exceed 25% of the total budget.   


The project will be taking place over a period of 6 months beginning in August 2022 through December 2022. The applying Organizations are requested to submit a clear, detailed work plan for each output/deliverable and the budget within the foreseen timeframe.

The schedule of payments for the NGOs will be agreed upon before the start of the assignment. Payments to NGOs to cover administration and management service costs will be performed in equal proportions on an agreed upon timeline linked to deliverables and executed upon submission and acceptance of the progress and final reports.

Submission Process

 Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission.

Applicants must submit their proposals through email by July 28th, 2022 with the subject field Managing grant programme for micro and small businesses established by graduates of the Libyan Korean Centre in vocational Careers”.

PLEASE make all efforts to provide your proposal not exceeding 10 MB size.

The following documents must be submitted for the submission to be considered:

  1. Request for information (RFI) from the NGO filled out (Annex II)
  2. Capacity Assessment Checklist for NGO (Annex III), including the requested documents such as
    • Proof of registration as a non‐governmental organization, including copies of the registration certificate for operating in Libya;
    • Audited financial statements for the past two years.
  3. Applications (project proposals) in the form of the template attached (Annex IV), including a description of the management methodology and implementation plan, which should include but not limited to the following specific components:
    • Strategy for assisting the legal formation and registration of micro and small businesses in cooperation with the LKC Career Centre, including options for optimized document collection, archiving and processes.
    • Description of all grant programmes, including evaluation criteria, scoring, financial ranges, and distribution modality. 
    • Strategy ensuring sustainability in access to working capital and financial management of the beneficiary businesses.
    • Procedure for monitoring and evaluation of the project, including all procedures of data collection, inspection, and quality control methods;
    • A work plan with the proposed work schedule indicating the persons responsible for each area of activity indicates personnel responsible for the TOR roles.
    • Communication strategy and plan for dissemination of information about the project locally, including placement of information via online resources and social networks;
    • Risk log and risk mitigation strategy for unforeseen challenges related to legal formation and banking;
  4. At least two reference letters from previous partners in Libya reflecting the nature of the project implemented, their results and the role in meeting the minimum eligibility criteria;
  5. Management Structure and Key personnel curriculum vitae (CVs) that will be assigned to support the implementation of the proposed methodology (clear definition of roles and responsibilities) in line with recommendations of Annex I.
  6. The Financial Proposal with a detailed cost breakdown in Annex IV.

Only one submission per organization is allowed. Organizations may not participate in more than one proposal. Once the application is complete and submitted, revised versions of proposal documents will not be accepted. A partial application will not be accepted.

Interested NGOs may obtain further information or clarification by contacting the UNDP Libya office prior to the submission deadline indicated below with the subject field “Managing grant programme for micro and small businesses established by graduates of the Libyan Korean Centre in vocational Careers”.: Request for information” to the following address: