There is little evidence on the causal impact of interventions to reduce xenophobia and improve the integration of migrants into receiving societies.

On this page you can access the results of experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of different communication campaigns, carried out in nine countries in the region and details of the experiments, including the videos used in the interventions, so that they can be widely used. A statistical annex is also presented with results that complement the discussion of the book.

This is the product of a joint research initiative with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), whose purpose is to improve the welfare conditions of the migrant population in LAC, by correcting perception errors.

The page also hosts nine country studies published in the UNDP LAC Policy Papers series that document the migration phenomenon and the response of governments. These studies are part of the UNDP effort to contribute to the understanding and approach of a problem that is central to the development of the region.



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Barbados | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | Ecuador | Mexico | Peru | Dominican Republic (1 y 2) | Trinidad and Tobago

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Cruces, Guillermo and Fajardo, Johanna and Hernández, Pablo and Ibáñez, Ana María and Luzes, Marta and Meléndez, Marcela and Muñoz, Felipe and Rodríguez Guillén, Lucina and Laura Tenjo. 2023. A Better World for the Migrant Population of Latin America and the Caribbean. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


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