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UNDP in Latin America and the Caribbean

Our Team

Our Team



Team in New York

  • Almudena Fernández - Chief Economist
  • Carlos Benítez – Chief Country Support Team
  • Diego Zavaleta - Senior Advisor on Strategy and Partnerships
  • Marco De Luca - Chief of Operations and Compliance


Team at the Panama Regional Hub

  • Guillermina Martin – Gender Team Leader
  • Itziar Gonzalez – Chief of Operations
  • Jairo Acuña-Alfaro – Governance Team leader
  • Javier Bronfman - SDG Integrator Advisor
  • Jeannette Fernández – Team Leader for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Karin Santi – Hiv, Health and Development Policy Specialist 
  • Lyes Ferroukhi - Nature, Energy and Environment Team Leader
  • Maribel Landau - Regional Programme Coordinator Specialist
  • Rita Sciarra - Poverty & Inclusive Growth Team Leader