Country Analysis Report

Lao PDR Country Analysis Report

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Country Analysis Report

December 18, 2015

The Lao People's Democratic Republic is a land-linked, ethnically diverse and mountainous country with an estimated population at 6.8 million. With one of the youngest populations in the region, Lao PDR is projected to benefit from the "demographic dividend" to the economy in the medium-term. However, this will be realized only if young women and young men are better equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge, and new jobs are able to keep pace with the growth of the working age population.

This Country Analysis, in reviewing Lao PDR's progress towards the MDGs, has identified major challenges, opportunities and new areas for action as well as the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups left behind in the country's development. The report analyzes the determinants of such vulnerabilities and provides several forward-looking recommendations to guide the UN Country Team's planning for the next cycle.

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