Governance and Social Cohesion

UNDP supports Kyrgyzstan in carrying out institutional reforms and strengthening best governance practices to ensure that accountable and responsive local government systems, elected representatives, officials and communities are in place. The aim is to promote equitable and sustainable human development by making it an integral component of government plans and policies. UNDP also aims to strengthen access to justice for the vulnerable groups of people: youth, women and the poor by addressing key barriers in social, economic and political domain. 

UNDP, jointly with other United Nations organizations and development partners including the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, Finland, the Russian Federation, Germany, UN PBF and INL supports the country in securing and sustaining the recent gains and promoting peace, justice, and the rule of law. The assistance will focus on accountability, transparency, the effectiveness, and efficiency of institutions to respond to citizens’ expectations for rule of law and justice, more effective services, and development.