Valentina Makhmutovna Kasymova: Pioneering Excellence in the Energy Sector

March 3, 2024

Valentina Makhmutovna Kasymova - Prof., Doctor of Economics


Valentina Makhmutovna Kasymova - a distinguished figure in the realm of energy, holds the esteemed positions of Professor and Doctor of Economics, and serves as the Director of the Institute of Energy at KTSU named after I. Razzakov. As she celebrates her 80th birthday this year, her remarkable vigor, grace, and unwavering dedication belie her age. With titles such as Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honored Power Engineer of the CIS, and recognition as an Excellent Worker in Energy and Industry, among numerous other titles and awards, Valentina Makhmutovna's legacy is one of unparalleled contribution and achievement.

Her journey is one of resilience and relentless pursuit of professional advancement in the energy sector. Embarking on her career as an instrument mechanic, she rejected limitations and aimed higher. Despite challenges, she not only persisted but transformed them into opportunities for growth.

“This path for a Kyrgyz woman was thorny and not strewn with roses. In my work, I achieved my goal, identified priorities and set tasks for their implementation.”

Valentina Makhmutovna's illustrious career spans various leadership roles, including heading departments for industry development, fuel and energy complex and mining department, and economics and natural resources departments in various government organizations like the State Plan, State Economic Committee, and Institute of Strategic Research under the President of KR. She has lent her expertise to international projects for organizations such as the World Bank, TACIS, and UNDP, while also spearheading initiatives to shape fundamental energy legislation and energy strategies.

“I felt support everywhere, as a responsible executor of government directive documents. However, it was disappointing that after successful work on promoting the draft Laws “On Energy” and “On Electric Power Industry” and on the creation of the State Energy Agency under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, I was not given the position of head or their deputy in this organization, where I could prove myself not only in electricity regulation research, but also as a manager.”

Valentina Makhmutovna’s passion for advancing energy science in Kyrgyzstan led her to successfully defend her doctoral dissertation and publish over 150 scientific works in Kyrgyz, Russian, and English. Additionally, she has mentored countless engineers and energy economists, fostering a new generation of scholars in the field.

Despite all the barriers she had to face, Valentina Makhmutovna didn’t lose faith in herself and continued to strive for recognition of her expertise and achievements. Balancing her career with family responsibilities, including raising three children, she was able to make a significant contribution to the development of the energy industry. 

“Women need to be more courageous in seeking recognition of their status in profession, proving their worth in the industry, conducting research and not procrastinating. I am proud that I have gone through a glorious career from an instrument mechanic to the director of the institute and academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.”

Valentina Makhmutovna's story serves as an inspiration to women everywhere, demonstrating that courage, perseverance, and dedication can lead to remarkable accomplishments and serve as a beacon of empowerment for generations to come.