Tatiana Vedeneva: Championing Sustainable Energy Solutions in Kyrgyzstan

March 3, 2024


In the pursuit of a sustainable future, individuals like Tatiana Vedeneva emerge as catalysts for transformation. As the President of the Center for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency, Tatyana has dedicated her career to advancing renewable energy solutions in Kyrgyzstan. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of passion, innovation, and perseverance. 

Tatiana studied economics and finance in the UK and then got into renewable energy, starting with biogas technology with her father, Alexey Gavrilovich Vedenev. In 2012, she took a bold step forward by co-founding the Public Foundation for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. This initiative marked the beginning of her concerted efforts to drive sustainable energy practices beyond biogas, encompassing solar technologies and energy efficiency measures. 

Over the span of two decades, Tatiana has been at the forefront of green energy initiatives in Kyrgyzstan. Her multifaceted expertise, honed through project development, management, and analytical research, has positioned her as a leading figure in shaping renewable energy policies. Drawing from her diverse background, including roles in Parliament and legal NGOs, Tatiana advocates for policies that promote green economy and renewable energy integration. 

“I am proud that I am constantly expanding my skill set, embracing new knowledge. In recent years, I have begun to engage in system-dynamic modeling at the micro- and macro-level, which allows me to assess possible scenarios for the development of a green economy when introducing various political measures. I am motivated by the value that we bring with our work, solving the problems of individual clients related to energy supply and energy efficiency.”

In her vision for the future of energy in 10 years, Tatiana hopes to see more hydroelectric power plants like Kambarata 1 and the implementation of energy saving and renewable energy projects. 

She advises other women starting their careers in the energy industry to be thoughtful in their career choices and to continually invest in their learning.

“I would recommend selecting a profession that truly motivates you, and never doubting that anyone can achieve their goals. If necessary, get additional education, gain practical experience, develop and offer your solutions, and you will succeed.”

Tatiana Vedeneva's story reminds us that the world of energy has a place for everyone who is ready to take on a challenge and take action to achieve their goals.