The story of the schoolgirl Balkyal, about how she improved her skills and proved to herself that she can do it.

December 6, 2023


During the period of 2022-2023, the project "Digital Aiymdar" was successfully implemented, covering the Osh, Jalal-Abad, and Batken regions.

The main goal of this project is to enhance the economic opportunities and rights of women in these regions by improving their information, digital, leadership, and communication skills. Over the course of a year, 180 women aged 15 to 34, enrolled in the project, received training in information and digital courses of their choice.

As a result, in addition to IT and digital technology courses, 180 women from the three regions were able to enhance their qualifications by participating in specialized training on leadership and communication. Today, 50% of the 180 women who participated in the project are employed.

We share the stories of the participants of the "Digital Aiymdar" project. 



"Age is not a barrier to success in the digital world, and I, Balkyal, confirm that. At just 16 years old, I have already achieved significant results, and I want to inspire you by saying that you can achieve your goals at any age."

Balkyal, a student of School No. 5 named after J. Bokonbaev in Osh city, became one of the youngest and most determined participants in the "Sanarip Ayymdar" project. She has always been extraordinary, showing perseverance and actively participating in various clubs and all school events. But in 2020, during the pandemic, she fell into a deep depression due to the lack of activities and a sense of idleness. She often felt down, experienced apathy, and had thoughts that she was wasting her time. Even her favorite Harry Potter books couldn't help her overcome this.

"During this period, my desire to acquire new skills, learn languages, engage in creativity, and develop in personal growth only intensified, along with the anxiety. My mother and I found online courses on SMM (Social Media Marketing) together."

After completing a paid 15-day training course on the basics of social media marketing, she persistently searched for remote work opportunities and income. She visited numerous companies, submitted her resume, but due to her lack of confidence, she couldn't utter a word and simply left her resume at the reception.

"After a series of failures and unpleasant situations, my self-esteem suffered greatly, and I began to doubt my abilities. The feeling of dissatisfaction and incompetence took hold of me; I felt incapable of achieving success. I conducted an analysis and wondered why, after so many interviews, no company hired me. As a result, I came to the conclusion that the root of all these problems lay within me. I lacked communication skills, knowledge in SMM, the ability to create advertising videos and attractive photos, as well as writing skills. Additionally, I did not possess effective communication and persuasion skills."

She began searching for effective courses on mobile photography, but she faced the challenge of their extremely high cost. She couldn't turn to her parents for financial support because her previous educational experience did not yield the expected results.

But one fine day, Balkyal saw an announcement that the "Youth of Osh" Public Association, with the financial support of UNDP, had launched the "Sanarip Ayymdar" project, which helps girls from three cities learn digital professions. She immediately filled out the application, indicating that she wanted to take a course in mobile photography.

"In addition to learning techniques for creating high-quality photos and videos using a mobile phone, I learned to use various applications and tools for content processing and editing. I also learned about effective social media promotion strategies and methods of attracting an audience through mobile platforms. But what's very important, I improved and strengthened my communication, leadership, and persuasion skills. The knowledge and skills I gained helped me develop the ability to express my thoughts and ideas effectively."

After completing her training, Balkyal was finally invited to an interview, where despite her young age, she was given a chance, and now she manages the social media pages of a kitchenware store and a dental clinic.

"By dedicating just a couple of hours a day to SMM, I have become more financially independent from my parents, and this brings me great satisfaction and freedom. My advice to all girls is to learn, grow, and keep up with the times. Study digital professions because they represent the future and offer numerous opportunities!"


The #digitalaiymdar project is implemented by the NGO "Youth of Osh" within the framework of the UNDP project with the financial support of the Russian Federation