Powering progress: Gulnara Khasenova's Journey in Energy Governance

March 4, 2024


Gulnara Idrisovna Khasenova's journey in the energy industry stands as a testament to relentless pursuit of professional growth amidst challenges. Starting from the ground up, Gulnara swiftly earned respect within the male-dominated energy realm, proving that gender was no barrier to success in the field. Climbing the career ladder from engineer to Deputy Director of the Department for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex under the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Gulnara's journey underscores her perseverance, professionalism, and relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Opting for a career in the energy sector proved to be a pivotal choice for Gulnara, not only shaping her professional path but also leading her to forge friendships and meet her husband, an energy engineer himself.

"In those days, with a higher education, starting as an ordinary electrician was the norm, and I was no exception," recalls Gulnara of her humble beginnings in the relay protection service.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gulnara successfully balanced her career with family life, raising children while advancing in her profession. Recognizing the vital role of government support in fostering equal opportunities for women in the workplace, Gulnara advocates for greater support for women seeking career advancement.

Moreover, she remains unwavering in her optimism for the future of the energy sector in Kyrgyzstan, emphasizing the pivotal role women will play in its trajectory.

"In light of recent global events, the energy industry worldwide is exploring new avenues for energy acquisition to meet escalating demand against a backdrop of limited supply. I firmly believe that we will enhance our capabilities and reclaim our status as an electricity-exporting nation in the near future."

Gulnara Idrisovna Khasenova's narrative serves as an inspiration, illustrating that with perseverance, diligence, and self-assurance, one can scale even the most formidable heights in the challenging energy sector. Her story inspires women to defy limits and underscores the notion that with determination and genuine aspirations, no goal is beyond reach.