Digital Skills Helped Bibigul to Start Her Dream Career

July 11, 2023

Digital Skills Helped Bibigul to Start Her Dream Career

UNDP Kyrgyzstan

      During the period of 2022-2023, the project "Digital Aiymdar" was successfully implemented, covering the Osh, Jalal-Abad, and Batken regions. The main goal of this project is to enhance the economic opportunities and rights of women in these regions by improving their information, digital, leadership, and communication skills. 
      Over the course of a year, 180 women aged 15 to 34, enrolled in the project, received training in information and digital courses of their choice. As a result, in addition to IT and digital technology courses, 180 women from the three regions were able to enhance their qualifications by participating in specialized training on leadership and communication. Today, 50% of the 180 women who participated in the project are employed.

We are delighted to share with you the inspiring success story of Bibigul Ashimova, which exemplifies the outstanding outcome of our project aimed at expanding the rights and opportunities of girls and women through the development of digital and IT skills. This narrative vividly illustrates that courage, perseverance, and our support can transform the impossible into a reality.

"Let me to introduce myself, I am Bibigul Ashimova. I was born and raised in Jalal-Abad, and currently, I am pursuing a career as a programmer at the Humanities and Economics College. Since a young age, I have been captivated by the digital world. Computers, the internet, and technology have always fascinated me, leading me to choose a future profession in this field.

Every day, I witnessed the transformative influence of social media on our culture, communication, and business landscape. This captured my attention and ignited a strong desire within me to become a professional in the realm of internet marketing. However, my family circumstances and limited financial resources posed obstacles to pursuing SMM courses, which were pivotal in realizing my entrepreneurial ideas. To overcome this challenge, I devised a plan to work as a waitress or saleswoman, gradually accumulating funds for my education. Recognizing that this would demand significant effort and time, I was willing to undertake the journey to achieve my dreams.

At that crucial moment, a unique opportunity arose to enhance my digital skills and expand my knowledge in marketing and online promotion. I discovered the "Sanarip Aiymdar" project through the UNDP's Instagram page, which always intrigued me. Determined not to let this chance slip away, I eagerly participated in the project, where I encountered inspiring mentors who had achieved remarkable success in programming, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, I found like-minded friends who shared my passion for digital technologies. These girls became invaluable partners, supporting each other in overcoming challenges on our paths to greater accomplishments. Furthermore, we shared a profound commitment to addressing social issues in our respective regions and empowering women to attain financial independence and media literacy.

This project played a pivotal role in my personal development. Not only did it assist me in mastering social media marketing, but it also honed crucial leadership skills, effective communication, and self-confidence. I transformed into a true leader, capable of guiding and engaging with diverse stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, and partners. Thanks to the comprehensive training, I overcame my fear of public speaking and acquired valuable tools and techniques for crafting presentations, delivering speeches, and conducting demonstrations. A significant milestone within the project was my inaugural presentation of innovative projects alongside fellow participants. This exhilarating moment allowed me to showcase my skills and propose a valuable idea: the establishment of a graphic services agency in Jalal-Abad.

Through diligent work and the application of acquired knowledge from the project, I accomplished my goal and secured the coveted position of a social media marketing specialist at a real estate company in Jalal-Abad. This marked a significant stride in advancing my career and provided an opportunity to apply my marketing and social media promotion skills in a practical setting. I am currently relishing a job that combines my passion for the digital realm with my love for marketing. Within the real estate company, I have the freedom to unleash my creativity by developing effective strategies, curating engaging content, and executing successful advertising campaigns.

Moreover, I continue to pursue my studies alongside my professional commitments, effectively balancing education and personal growth. The income from my work at the real estate company has made it possible for me to afford tuition fees. This has not only granted me financial independence but also served as an additional motivation to strive for constant development and improvement."

The #digitalaiymdar project  implemented by the NGO "Youth of Osh" within the framework of the UNDP project with the financial support of the Russian Federation