Creative Ecology - Let's Take Care of Nature Together

July 21, 2022


Waste management plays an important role in conserving environmental resources, reducing threats to human health and mitigating climate change that may result from inappropriate handling of hazardous substances. There is a problem in Kyrgyzstan in the collection and recycling of municipal and industrial solid waste. According to experts, about 100M tonnes of production and consumption waste are stored in 35 tailing dumps and 25 mine dumps. In Bishkek alone, according to UNDP estimates, about 1,000 tonnes of waste accumulate daily, and the amount increases 20%  annually.

UNDP Kyrgyzstan seeks to engage with innovators to support initiatives to address waste management issues and calls for environmentally friendly attitudes among people. One such initiative was the development of an environmental shield in collaboration with the talented artist Tatiana Zelenskaya, who drew a beautiful illustration for the video. You can scan the QR code in the above poster to watch a video calling for the preservation of nature or you can also view it here: 

"What's harming the environment? People’s attitude towards it. People take nature for granted and only remember to protect it when something very bad happens. We travel around the country and see how people leave rubbish behind in the mountains, but we have such beautiful nature. It is such a shame to litter it. We installed this eco-shield as a reminder to take care of nature and not to pollute it. The main target group of the eco shield are children and young people and in this connection the illustration has been developed with WEB AR technology, an augmented reality experience where children can watch an animated and educational video clip. Our main message is to convey to children that ecology and rubbish are incompatible." shares Aisha Mambetalieva, director of Kyrgyzstan Tourism.

People who litter find that they do not know where to dump their waste. For instance, some could be recycled to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Separate waste collection, although simple, is one of the most effective eco-solutions used in many countries.

As one solution to such problems, there is the innovative Tazar app for municipal solid waste (MSW). The application is currently operational in the capital city of Bishkek. The main problem in the organization of MSW disposal is the lack of awareness of citizens about the separate collection and recycling of waste. Separate waste collection is a simple but effective eco-solution used in many countries. Tazar is a user-friendly platform that aims to improve the country's waste management system and connects citizens and recyclers.

The app features a detailed map with recycling collection points 'Recycle' and a 'Take Back My Recyclables' option, through which citizens are rewarded with bonuses for responsible waste management. With the support of UNDP, the database of solid waste collection points was updated, a research ecologist was hired, and online and offline communication support was provided to promote the app and increase the number of people who deliver waste for recycling.

Let's protect our nature together.