National Forum “The Role of Jogorku Kensh in Development of Digitalization in Kyrgyz Republic”

Opening Remarks of UNDP Resident Representative

March 19, 2023

Louise Chamberlain, UNDP RR in Kyrgyzstan during her opening remarks at the Session Hall of Jogorku Kenesh



Dear Honorable Shakiev Nurlanbek Turgunbekovich, Toraga of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dear Excellency Mr. Torobaev Bakyt Ergeshovich, Deputy Chair of Cabinet of Ministries of Kyrgyz Republic

Honorable Members of Parliament

Distinguished representatives and officials

It is my profound honor to address you in this very chamber today.

UNDP is extremely pleased to support this National Forum on the role of Jogorku Kenesh in the further development and acceleration of the digitalization agenda in the Kyrgyz Republic. This development is fundamental for progress, in particular for an effective parliament, and for effective democratic dialogue with the people.

I would like to commend and express sincere appreciation for the efforts and initiative of leadership of Jogorku Kenesh on advancing sustainable development in general and digital transformation agenda in particular.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing our world. The key question is whether we are on board the train or not. The recent pandemic accelerated the digital transformation, prompting governments and business to adapt new ways of working and interacting. Digital transformation is a key to enable for sustainable development and can help to achieve goals of ending poverty and protecting the planet. For this to happen, digital development must be inclusive and must focus on reaching all the country citizens. 

Let me highlight key roles parliament can play in advancing digital transformation. Firstly, sharping policies and laws for a sound enabling environment for digital innovation and entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and participatory decision-making.

Secondly, members of the Parliament can serve as champions for digital transformation in their communities and constituencies, raising awareness about the benefits of digital technology and promote the skills people need to participate in the digital economy. 

Thirdly, Parliament can exercise oversight and advocate for good digital governance and holding the relevant national agencies accountable. Digital transformation presents risks and challenges, particularly with respect to privacy, security, and ethics. Parliament and government both must ensure the development of digital policies and laws that safeguard human rights and ethical consideration, including to protect data privacy. 

UNDP supports the Kyrgyz Republic in its efforts to leverage digital technologies for development. Under the leadership the Ministry of Digital Development we are currently supporting a Digital Readiness Assessments to inform the next generation Digital Transformation agenda. We have contributed to country transformational results through digital solutions in elections management, e-satisfaction, and other public services systems, as well as digital development skills. And we are working with the private sector and civil society to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital economy. We are going “digital by default” by integrating a digital solution in every development intervention, engaging talented, IT savvy young people of Kyrgyzstan to develop application on online platforms and using artificial intelligence. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, UNDP was the first international organization to launch a full-fledged development assistance programme for the Jogorku Kenesh, and we were partner in helping to develop and introduce the parliament Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), the first parliamentary website portal with electronic legislative tracking and database of bills, the electronic voting system and full computerization of the Parliament including the Press Service, Session halls, ICT department and other key structures. In 2019, the Jogorku Kenesh Digital Transformation Situation Analysis was prepared, which became a strategic document concerning the digitalization of the Parliament itself. 

So naturally, UNDP is committed to working with parliament in Kyrgyz Republic and all stakeholders to support advancement of digital transformation.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the high of importance of a whole-of-society agenda for digital transformation. We believe that by working together, we can create an inclusive and sustainable digital future for all. Thank You. Chong Rahmat.