Gender, Poverty and Environment in Rural Kyrgyzstan (2017)


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Gender, Poverty and Environment in Rural Kyrgyzstan (2017)

October 28, 2021

In Kyrgyzstan, the availability of national resources to a large section of the rural population, and especially to the poor, has been eroded severely in recent decades by their growing degradation both in quantity and quality. Inequality in the distribution of what is available persists. Degradation of natural resources in Kyrgyzstan is manifest in deteriorating soil conditions, depleting water resources, disappearing forests. Social impacts of the degradation are enormous for those communities whose livelihoods are dependent upon the use of natural resources. The most vulnerable are poor households and women among them. Understanding about how environmental degradation in the region affects rural women and men needs to be widened. The level of knowledge about inter-linkages between gender equality and environmental degradation in Kyrgyzstan and in Central Asia1 is unsatisfactory.