#SpeakUp campaign against harassment has been launched in Kyrgyzstan

April 7, 2022

An anti-harassment information campaign has been launched on social networks with the support of UNDP under the Joint EU-UN Spotlight Initiative. The initiative is supported by representatives of businesses, activists and journalists. The media campaign includes videos on harassment and a series of illustrations by artist Tatiana Zelenskaya.

The main purpose of the campaign is to inform the public about the types of harassment and how to protect oneself when it occurs.

In Kyrgyzstan, one in four women has been sexually harassed in the workplace (Survey by the Kyrgyz Association of Women Judges). Harassment refers to violence that is most often directed at women and girls. It is any unacceptable action or threat which humiliates, violates personal boundaries and causes harm. It can happen anywhere: in the workplace, on the streets, in a store, a taxi or on the internet.

Unfortunately, the concept of "harassment" has not yet been defined as an offence under Kyrgyz law.

In 2021, a draft law on protection from harassment in the workplace was introduced in the Jogorku Kenesh at the initiative of women MPs of the 6th Convocation.

If passed, it would make employers responsible for providing a safe working environment and mechanisms to protect female employees from harassment in the workplace.

Contacts for media

Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Head of Communications


+996 770 183493