New Criminal Code amendments: Punishment for "Bride Kidnapping"

April 7, 2022

An awareness campaign on the new Criminal Code has been launched on social media with the support of UNDP as part of the EU-UN Joint “Spotlight Initiative.”

The main objective of the campaign is to inform the public about changes in the Criminal Code related to violence against women and girls. As part of the campaign, the first series of informative photo cards to explain the new norms of the article "Abduction for the purpose of marriage" was launched.

In 2021, 560 cases of abduction and forced marriage of women were registered. Of those, only 82 cases were taken to court and 460 cases were dismissed.

In Kyrgyzstan, kidnapping for marriage is considered a serious crime.

The new Criminal Code, which entered into force on 1 December 2021, provides liability for kidnapping a person for marriage in the Article 172.

Abduction of a person for marriage is punishable by imprisonment for five to seven years.

The abduction of a minor (under the age of 18) for the purpose of marriage is punishable by imprisonment for seven to ten years.

People who participate in the offence as accomplices will also be liable under the same article and will receive the same sentences.

There are certain provisions in the Criminal Code which may lead to the perpetrator avoiding punishment. These provisions include the imposition of probation.

For example, if a person is sentenced to five years imprisonment, he may be released from punishment by probation (suspended sentence).

One year ago, on 5 April, Aizada was forced into a car and taken to an unknown destination. The bodies of the victim and her abductor, Zamirbek Tenizbayev, were found in a car on the outskirts of the city two days later.

An investigation into police negligence is ongoing.

In May 2018, Burulay was killed by her kidnapper at the police station.

In May 2018, Burulay was killed by her kidnapper at the police station.

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