Kyrgyzstan poised to take significant step towards bolstering environmental conservation efforts

The establishment of a Conservation Trust Fund represents a landmark opportunity to mobilize collective action and sustainable financing in support of global and national conservation objectives.

March 5, 2024


Bishkek, 6 March 2024 – Kyrgyzstan's commitment to the mountain agenda, environmental conservation and climate action took center stage as stakeholders gathered to discuss the establishment of a Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) at a UNDP-hosted round table aimed to explore innovative financing mechanisms to safeguard the country’s rich biodiversity and fragile ecosystems. 

The proposed CTF offers a significant step towards enhancing green transition, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation, aligning with international environmental and development goals. The fund seeks to protect mountain ecosystems and promote sustainable livelihoods, addressing specific conservation needs and supporting the development of protected areas for a resilient ecological future in Kyrgyzstan. 

Kyrgyzstan, globally recognized for its unique biodiversity and pivotal role in ecological systems, is essential for regional and international environmental stability. The country comprising less than 0.13% of the world's land but hosting around 1% of all known species, faces challenges such as unsustainable land use, habitat loss, and inefficient water management, threatening its unique biodiversity. The proposed CTF aims to address these challenges by mobilizing and pooling resources from various stakeholders to support conservation initiatives, research programs, and sustainable development projects.

The event brought together key stakeholders, including government agencies, UN bodies, diplomatic missions, international organizations, financial institutions, and environmental agencies, with the aim to foster dialogue on leveraging the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) mechanism as a platform for establishing the CTF to provide transparent and accountable fund management.

The round table presented the concept of CTF and collected feedback, as well as explored partnership and coordination opportunities for the establishment and operationalization of the fund. These objectives highlight the commitment of Kyrgyzstan and its partners to ensuring transparent, accountable, and sustainable management of funds for environmental conservation and sustainable development.

"The Conservation Trust Fund represents a major step towards securing the future of Kyrgyzstan's natural heritage," said Mr. Kubat Kaseyinov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology, and Technical Supervision, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving environmental sustainability.

Key objectives of the CTF include promoting sustainable land use practices, enhancing the resilience of mountain ecosystems to climate change, empowering local communities, and raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation. Through research, innovation, and knowledge exchange, the CTF seeks to inform evidence-based conservation practices and foster international collaboration.

"The establishment of the CTF through the MPTF mechanism underscores UNDP’s continued commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development," remarked Ms. Ivana Živković, UN Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia. "By leveraging the expertise and global reach of the UN system, the CTF will contribute to the long-term sustainability of unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Kyrgyzstan."

The proposed CTF aligns with national priorities outlined in the Kyrgyzstan Biodiversity Finance Plan, National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, updated Nationally Determined Contributions, and Mountain Roadmap. Supported by UNDP, detailed technical and legal analyses have been conducted to explore various options for establishing the CTF. 


About the Conservation Trust Fund

The Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) is a proposed financial mechanism aimed at supporting conservation initiatives, research programs, and sustainable development projects in Kyrgyzstan. By mobilizing resources from public, private, and donor sources, the CTF seeks to safeguard the nation's biodiversity and promote environmental sustainability for future generations.


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