The first festival of creative industries in Kyrgyzstan was held with the support of UNDP

April 26, 2022

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan, April 23, 2022 - More than a thousand people took part in the First Creative Industries Festival of Kyrgyzstan CREATE4KG, that was as part of the week of creativity and innovation week in support of the development of the country's creative economy and the entire community of creative people.

President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov participated Festival and emphasized during his opening speech that: “The creative economy is a reliable way to the sustainable development of the people of Kyrgyzstan through creativity, giving new impetus and new colors to values in accordance with the demands of time, based on past history, tradition and experience of country, accumulated over the years.”

The importance of developing a creative economy at the state level was reinforced by signing decree "On measures to develop a creative economy and create conditions for the progressive development of the Kyrgyz Republic" by President Sadyr Japarov on the eve of the event. According to the decree, the creative economy is defined as one of the priority areas of the state policy of the republic. The President decided to approve the Concept for the Development of the Creative Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, to determine the classification of creative industries, and to create a park of creative industries.

The main objective of the festival was to present to a wide audience the possibilities and ways to monetize their skills and creativity in modern realities. The event was organized by the UNDP Accelerator Laboratory, the Association of Creative Industries of Kyrgyzstan, the CODIFY group of IT companies, the ololo network of creative hubs with the support of Kyrgyzpatent.

“The creative economy is a unique and dynamic sector that provides decentralised income generating opportunities and helps to develop an inclusive and socially cohesive society, by putting people with their talents and skills at the center of the development process and inviting cooperation across all borders and divisions. Thanks to digital technologies, we now have the opportunity to engage many more people in creative jobs and enhance the export potential of goods and services produced by local creators.” – said Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyz Republic.

“Members of the Association of Creative Industries and the progressive creative part of the population of the country believe and live with the dream that Kyrgyzstan will be the leader of the creative economy in Central Asia,” - said Nazgul Kubakaeva, Director of the Association of Creative Industries of Kyrgyzstan.

Festival is the first such large-scale platform in Kyrgyzstan, where participants of different ages, involved or interested in creative industries, took part. Successful representatives from the field of IT, digital professions, art and other creative spheres from Kyrgyzstan, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan shared their experience with participants.   


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