Citizens can use the services of a lawyer free of charge supported by the state

June 24, 2022
Press tour to SGLA center

Press tour to SGLA center

Nurzhan Alymkanova

June 23, Bishkek. “Every citizen of Kyrgyzstan should know that the state provides free legal aid. If a people know, defend, realize their rights, and do not violate the rights of others, they can improve their own life, educate a generation that knows rights, and at the same time will contribute to building a state of law” said director of the State Guaranteed Legal Aid Coordination Center Akzhol Kalbekov during a press tour.

The press tour took place on June 22 at the Center's office, where journalists were told in detail about who and where can get free legal aid, as well as about the principles of the state-guaranteed legal aid system.

According to Munara Matieva, the author of the “FLA Lawyer” program of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation (NTRC), in 50 minutes more than 500 people send legal questions via WhatsApp — “They are related to alimony, division of property, land and other family issues. Lawyers physically cannot answer for them. This once again proves that such programs are popular among the population, at the same time, this indicates that people have a lot of legal problems” Matieva said.

Journalists and representatives of the center agreed on further cooperation, exchange of information, and involvement of lawyers for prompt response to legal questions of the audience.

It is necessary constantly inform people that the services of a lawyer can be used free of charge at the expense of the state. Information plays a key role in improving people's lives” said Taalaigul Sydykbekova, producer of the NTRC's radio channel “Birinchi Radio”.

At the event, the following media and journalists were awarded letters of thanks and gifts for their contribution to the development of the state-guaranteed legal aid system in the country:

  1. Media "PolitKlinika"
  2. Television and radio company "Maral"
  3. Publishing house "Vecherniy Bishkek"
  4. News agency “Sputnik-Kyrgyzstan”
  5. Baima Sutenova, director of the NTRC program directorate
  6. Taalaigul Sydykbekova, producer of “NTRC's radio channel “Birinchi Radio”.
  7. Munara Matieva, the author of the “FLA Lawyer” program of the NTRC
  8. Bakytbek Sakybaev, ElTR TV journalist

The press tour was organized by the State Guaranteed Legal Aid Coordination Center with the support of the UNDP and the MFA Finland project “Toward sustainable access to justice for legal empowerment in the Kyrgyz Republic”.

Media products prepared by the mass media following the press tour:

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Even if you do not have money, you can use the services of a lawyer. How?


Press-tour photos:

Media contacts: Nurzhan Alymkanova, UNDP communications specialist Нуржан Алымканова,