Two Kyrgyz universities and an institute are connected to international educational services

November 24, 2020

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kyrgyzstan helped two universities  and an institute to gain access to international educational services. Secure access to resources, extensive electronic storage, licenses for office software, and videoconferencing services are some of the opportunities that universities received.

UNDP has connected the I. Razakov Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU), the M. Adyshev Osh University of Technology (OSTU) and the Republican Institute of Professional Development and Processing of Teachers under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic to Google Education Suite, Microsoft 365 and Eduroam to improve education systems.

The access was provided within the UNDP project "Digital skills and opportunities for youth employment towards digital economy.” UNDP also organized training sessions on the use of these resources from 19 to 21 October this year. System administrators and university teaching staff took part in the training. 

A total of 29 participants took part in the training. The training program on the preparation, installation and setup of educational services received very positive feedback from participants.

Information on online resources

Eduroam is an international roaming service for people involved in research, higher education and further professional education. With its help, researchers, teachers and students have easy and secure online access when visiting various educational institutions.

Microsoft 365 is a complete software product that combines a set of web services and is distributed on a subscription basis. It has a cloud storage with 25 gigabytes of free space, e-mail with 50 gigabytes of mailbox storage, and a video conference service online. UNDP funding provided subscriptions to this package.

Google Suite for Education - The G Suite for Education package includes free cloud tools for non-profit secondary and higher education organizations, including those involved in home schooling. The services available include messaging and collaboration applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar and Google Classroom. The application provides additional corporate functions for administrators and advanced analytics tools.

The initiative is being implemented with the financial support of the Russian Federation and as part of the UNDP project "Digital skills and opportunities for youth employment towards digital economy,”aimed at increasing youth employment in digital economy.