Our training is for those, who work!

June 22, 2021

The goal of the workshop training that took place from June 18-23 in Issyk-Kul for the employees of FLA Coordination Center and their partners, activists from some non-profit organizations is to teach the human rights activists to work actively helping those, who need a lawyer and legal services.  

On Friday, June 18, the organizers of the meeting shared with the participants the secrets of preparing analytical reports and next day – the methods of work with social networks and the target audience in the Internet, writing texts and visual tools in promoting the social advertising as well as the aspects of communication with various age, gender and social groups. And on Sunday, June 20, the partners discussed the further cooperation plans. The meeting allowed “to kill two birds with one stone”: firstly, to provide the NPOs activists and the FLACC employees with the required skills and knowledge. Secondly, to provide them with an opportunity to meet with each other, to establish personal contact required for their joint work, one of the workshop organizers Bakyt Kadyralieva believes, an expert of the UNDP and MFA of Finland project “Towards a sustainable access to justice for legal empowerment in the KR”:

- It is very important that our partners, non-commercial organizations interact with FLA CC. To achieve this goal under the assistance of our project the first Coordination Meeting of FLA CC with the representatives from NGOs and legal clinics has been organized. The created Coordination Council includes over eighty NPOs from all over the Republic. According to the results of the meeting, an Agreement on Coordination has been signed.

In the beginning, we wanted to involve as many non-governmental organizations as we could. But later we understood that there were very few organizations actively working, coordinating actions, referring the customers to FLA CC and back, and this was the main difficulty.  But then we understood that we needed quality.

- But what is an obstacle?

- First of all, it is a lack of connection with the regions. Since the most active NGOs were concentrated in Bishkek and Chui Province. We overlooked other regions such as Batken, Talas, Issyk-Kul and Naryn. This was the main difficulty. Based on this, the Coordination Council Secretariat decided to create a backbone of the non-governmental organizations that would connect the center with the regions.

This year the members of the Secretariat have conducted a number of meetings in the regions. In the course of every meeting, the most active participants of the Coordination Council have been selected. Each of them can ensure the connection between NPOs and FLA CC. We have tried to select at least two organizations from each region.

- What, in your viewpoint, is the most important from what you have done in the course of the workshop?

- We choose the topics of the trainings taking into account the participants’ requests. They have been interested, first of all, in the topics of counselling and interviewing: since they communicate every day with the clients, they need to do it efficiently having an opportunity to assist as much as possible.

They have also undergone the training in SMM. The needs in such trainings and the requests for their conduct have been received from both the representatives of the non-governmental organizations and FLA CC. Therefore, we have decided to unite them, thereby “killing two birds with one stone”. Firstly, to conduct their joint training, and secondly, to build effective communication between them.

In addition, the participants have undergone the trainings on errors in communication, they have learnt to plan. It seems to me that it is a very important part since the representatives of all regions are involved.- And talking about the problems, what now is the greatest obstacle in the work of FLACC and its partners?

- The main problem was that with a great number of NPOs involved in the Agreement, the quality of their work was insufficient. This happened because there was no connection between them and FLA CC. I believe that we have filled this gap. In addition, NPOs involved in our meeting will now ensure a connection with other non-governmental organizations.

 The training takes place in Chok Tal village under the support of the UNDP and MFA of Finland project “Towards a sustainable access to justice for legal empowerment in the KR”. The participants are the FLA CC employees and the NGOs representatives.