Early warning systems for resilience to climate change will be discussed as part of the high-level dialogue of Central Asian countries.

Central Asia is grappling with the adverse effects of climate change, including rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and impacts on crucial sectors such as water, energy, and agriculture. The region's countries have developed national policies on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Taking into account the transboundary nature of climate risks and shared natural resources, actions to combat climate change can be seen as a starting point for strengthening regional cooperation among the countries of Central Asia.

The Bishkek High-Level Dialogue is fostering a comprehensive dialogue and calls Central Asian states to join strength in combatting climate change by building resilience. This year's high-level regional conference will focus on early warning systems as a key element in building climate resilience and invite representatives of all international stakeholders to participate and share their knowledge, experience, and activities to support the regional dialogue.

The upcoming high-level conference is an important opportunity for stakeholders to come together and collaborate on the pressing environmental challenges facing the region. Working together and committing to support the region in building climate resilience will help us ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Central Asia.

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