Partnering with the private sector to promote and support job creation and sustainable employment

July 17, 2020

Since 2005, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo, has provided consistent support to jobseekers  through various active employment measures such as Wage Subsidy, On the Job Training, Self-Employment, Internship, and Public Works.

As we promote sustainability, with 50% of all beneficiaries of active labour market programmes finding long-term employment, we share results, and promote values of labour market possibilities, by creating job opportunities for long-term jobseekers.

Through Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMP 2) and in cooperation with the Kosovo Employment Agency (KEA), UNDP has built a strong network, trust and cooperation with private sector in Kosovo, who continuously express their immense interest in hiring registered jobseekers from the Employment Offices, and keeping them as regular employees after the one year of pledged obligations by the programme is at an end.

Among those is Abdurrahman Hyla, the owner of a metal processing company, "Kualiteti DPZ" in Gjakovë/Đakovica, a family business for the past 65 years. Whenever in need of new employees for the business, he collaborates closely with the Employment Office in his municipality.
Mr.Hyla emphasizes his doors are always open for hard working and committed employees. Many jobseekers from Roma and Ashkali communities have found sustainable employment in his company and Mr. Hyla is proud to have been able to contribute in supporting vulnerable groups in labour market.

In an effort to help the economic recovery in Kosovo, UNDP, through ALMP 2, and in cooperation with KEA, will expand employment opportunities during these difficult times  when the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll.

In addition, since the spread of COVID-19, UNDP has continually donated protective items for  staff at the Employment Institutions who continue to work tirelessly by offering employment services for all those in need.