Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kosovo (SAEK III)

Project Summary

SAEK III will support the implementation of the new anti-corruption legislation and progressing towards repatriation of stolen assets, while completing a robust corruption prevention system.

SAEK III contributes to advancing gender equality and poverty reduction, while applying the approach of its 6 signature solution(SS), as follows: SS 1 - Keeping people out of poverty, SS 2 - Strengthen effective, inclusive and accountable governance and SS 6 - Strengthen gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

What we want to achieve

SAEK III, through a three-tier approach supports the policy, structural and capacity level, towards achieving the following sustainable results:

·        Fulfillment of technical and legal requirements for the effective implementation of anti-corruption laws and strategies such as anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and related action plans;

·        Establishment of a legal and institutional framework for coordinated prosecutor led joint investigations of financial crime; improved effectiveness in asset recovery; enhanced investigative journalism and coordination among public institutions at the central and local levels; further strengthening of online platform for reporting corruption allegations;

·        Trained investigators on asset recovery and an established asset recovery structure mandated to track down stolen assets and conduct thorough financial crime investigations.

Results up to date

•         Key anti-corruption legislation strengthened;

•         Asset recovery investigation support through the Basel Institute on Governance

•         Corruption proofing of legislation system established

•         Development of regulatory framework for the implementation and monitoring of integrity plans completed;

•         Online platform for Public Officials’ Asset and Income Disclosure system established;

•         Database for evaluating discrepancies of declared wealth vs expenditures created within the Tax Administration

•         investigators;

•          Adoption of National Anti-money Laundering Risk Assessment and action plan;

•         Establishment of Strategic Analysis Unit within the FIU;

•         The first evert Report on Gender Corruption Vulnerabilities inthe Public and Private sector;

•         The report on the Transparency of the Criteria of the Economic Recovery Package published by GAP Institute;

• continues to be one of the most trusting platforms to report corruption;

•         Corruption risk assessments developed in the judiciary, notaries, bar, extractive industries, health and education;

•         UNCAC Gap Assessment Report;

•         The Supreme Court adopted Sentencing Guidelines that will narrow the discrepancies in sentencing of corruption cases.


Where? Kosovo
Duration: 2020 - 2024
Beneficiaries: General population, Kosovo Anti-Corruption Institutions, Central level institutions, Municipalities, Civil society organizations
Partners: Office of the Chief Prosecutor, Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, Financial Intelligence Unit, Kosovo Supreme Court, Assembly of Kosovo, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Police, Internews Kosova, Association of Certified Auditors and Accountants, GAP Institute, RoLAG
International Partners: Council of Europe, European Union Office, USAID, US Embassy, British Embassy, OSCE
Project Budget: 4.5 Million EUR
Donors: Swiss Development Agency (SDC) Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Contacts: Dardan Kocani SAEK III Project Manager