Inter-community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation

Project Summary:

Supported by the Instrument for Peace and Stability (IcSP/EU) the Inter-community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation project aims to build trust between the communities in Kosovo, through improved inter-community acceptance and respect for the cultural identity and heritage of all Kosovo communities. This objective will be achieved through interventions at community and institutional level that instill a sense of inter-community engagement and ownership of Kosovo’s cultural heritage.

What we want to achieve:

Output 1. Cultural and religious heritage is rehabilitated to promote inter-ethnic dialogue

-          Restoration, rehabilitation and beautification of cultural and religious sites enhances the visibility of monuments and promotes the understanding and acceptance of a community’s heritage.

Output 2: Community engagement on confidence-building through intangible cultural heritage

-          Focuses on the promotion and protection of intangible cultural heritage as a confidence-building measure between communities while preserving certain aspects of crafts and skills which may be under threat.

Output 3: Capacities to protect and preserve cultural heritage strengthened at the institutional and community level

-          Focuses on linking the physical protection of religious heritage sites, through improved technical capacities of the KP Unit, with the community-KP interaction. By combining both soft and hard components of confidence-building measures, the Actions supports the reconciliation between communities and builds trust in institutions.

Expected Results:

1.       Cultural and religious heritage supports inter-community peace-building:

-          restauration, rehabilitation and beautification of at least 8 selected sites of religious and cultural significance contributing to strengthening trust and social cohesion as well as increased respect for shared cultural heritage;

-          active engagement of municipalities and citizens in the process of cultural heritage preservation and protection, to increase the understanding of the importance of cultural heritage preservation in Kosovo.

2.     Protect and preserve intangible cultural heritage through engaging women and young people:

-          increased awareness and development of intangible cultural heritage through community engagement:

a)    inter-community confidence building measures developed through organisation of focus groups, open day tour, short multi-ethnic cultural events, local food festivals, etc.);

b)    documentation, education and promotion of filigree for women and young people (up to 30 participants learn the traditional methods of filigree works);

c)     skills development and training for cultural guides;

d)    revitalisation of the Artisan Development Centre;

e)    organisation of challenge prize competitions;

3.       Capacities to protect and preserve cultural heritage strengthened at the institutional and community level:

-          installed CCTV in at least 6 sites to improve physical security of heritage sites and ensure the sustainably

-          improve trust and cooperation between police and communities, as well as relevant departments at the local level;

-          capacities of municipal official strengthened through the organisation of information sessions and meeting to better understand the cultural heritage planning as potential for economic development.