Humanitarian Assistance Project EU for Social Protection

Humanitarian Assistance Project EU for Social Protection: Response to COVID-19 Emergency and Early Recovery Support

Overall Objective

The action aims to enhance the provision of social services by Centers for Social Work (CSWs) and improve access to equitable, qualitative, integrated social protection for the most vulnerable groups, focusing on women and girls. The objective of the action will be achieved through two interlinked Outputs which address both the humanitarian aspect of support and improved governance.


· Provide support for families living in poverty through vouchers for food, hygiene, and other essential items.

· Provide support for vulnerable families to cover utility costs.

· Provide technical support to central and municipal institutions to introduce four (4) digitalized case management system (CMS), improving access to services for vulnerable groups.

· Financial support for women DV/GBV survivors from Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities, rural women, and women with disabilities, to develop new skills, generate income, and diversify existing businesses.

· Advance gender mainstreaming (GBV/DV) through expert support for institutional mechanism and NGOs.

· Prepare a new generation of certified social workers, who will provide additional capacities for CSWs throughout Kosovo.

· Establish four (4) mobile clinics to reach beneficiaries in remote areas as means of increasing access to and delivery of social protection services and access to justice.

· Safeguard the health and safety of front-line workers through personal protective equipment.

· Improve accessibility to CSWs and create a service-oriented space for beneficiaries.

· Undertake community actions to change gender-discriminatory social norms and gender stereotypes.

Expected Result

- 10,000 families receive humanitarian support in a timely and gender equitable manner (with 51% being female-led households).

- Four (4) service-based case management modules developed.

- 1,000 vulnerable individuals benefit from facilitates access to services through four (4) mobile clinics.

- 40 interns (36 young women, 7 candidates from non-majority communities) engaged

 in support to centers for social work (CSWs) around Kosovo.

- 50 CSW staff members (50% being women) improving technical capacities on provision of services.

- 40 centers for social work and 11 NGOs/shelters supported with additional resources and improved accessibility.

- 50 vulnerable women benefit from financial/economic engagement in response to the pandemic.

- 100,000 women and men (at least 50% women and girls/marginalized groups) reached through community actions to change gender stereotypes.

- 4,000 front-line workers and visitors of residential centers equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE).







Vulnerable families, women, children, elderly, persons with disabilities, minorities not officially registered, municipal services for social work Kosovo-wide, shelters for the elderly or victims of violence and abuse, Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers (Department for Social and Family Planning), Centers for Social Work (CSWs).


The project will be implemented in coordination with other EU-funded projects targeting the same beneficiaries: Save the Children, United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF, International Office for Migration – IOM.


December 2020 – December 2022 (24 months)

Project Budget:

EUR 4,999,961.00


European Union (EU)


Ferdinand Nikolla
Project Analyst
+383 (0) 44 171 845