City Experiment Fund – Prizren Digital City Network Project

Project Summary

City Experiment Fund is an action for exploration and learning, to navigate uncertainty and imagine a different future in our cities — more open, transparent and inclusive, where the benefits are more equitably distributed, and where we can live healthier and longer lives.

Prizren Digital City Network aims at exploring and boosting underutilized resources in the city by creating a portfolio of interventions. This will be done to a large extent by creating cross-sector social partnerships in the local level through entities created for addressing social, economic, cultural and/or environmental issues with partner organisations from public, private and civil society sectors. By addressing the digital gap and effect of Covid-19 on city’s economy, the project will build back better with innovative and sustainable cross sectoral solutions and networks.

What we want to achieve

The project intends to create cross-sectorial sustainable solutions and address the challenges that Prizren faces by developing new capabilities to transition from traditional and linear innovation logics to a complex one.

Expected Results/results up to date

·         Mapping - understand better and interconnect the key agents and the ongoing key initiatives in a certain territory.

·         Listening and Sense Making - understand deeply the social and economic dynamics and perceptions operating within a system.

·         Portfolio Co-creation - co-create new solutions for the specific places in the system with a portfolio logic.

·         Portfolio prototyping and activation– deploying and testing initial interventions and conceptualizing them as an interconnected portfolio through new approach on designing, managing, evaluating and integrating a set of projects with a holistic vision.

Experiments under CEF

1. Prizren Living Heritage

Autostrada Biennale with CEF support has presented a city with a rich culture heritage, which has hosted 17 exhibition venues starting from the Autostrada Biennale Education and Production Space as the main venue which has been returned to the Contemporary Art Center.

2. Cross disciplinary approach in creative industries, arts and technology

3.Landing pages to generate date and targer different audiences for Mother Theresa Museum:

City Experiment Fund has been testing digital market with Cultural Heritage without Borders, by applying digital marketing effort to drive traffic - targeting different audiences with the objective of attracting to the Mother Teresa Museum experience non-typical and bigger audiences.

AR Experience — Mother Teresa Museum

Confession Booth — Mother Teresa Museum

The life of Mother Teresa — Mother Teresa Museum

"...imagine in what way digital, virtual and augmented technologies can enrich and expand the physical museum experiences, enrich them and make some elements accessible online"


Status Active
Where? Prizren Municipality
Duration: Dec 2020 – July 2021
Beneficiaries: City of Prizren
Stakeholders: Prizren Municipality, Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Prizren, Network of Cultural Organizations, Association of Craftsmen and Businessmen Prizren
Project Budget: 84,000 USD
Donors: Slovak Ministry of Finance, Prizren Municipality
Contacts: Elza Zhaveli Focal Point Mobile: +386 (0) 45 638 666