UNDP pilots the Digital Readiness Assessment in Kosovo

March 24, 2021

Emerging digital technologies and the opportunities they offer - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - have the potential to profoundly improve the ways in which public institutions engage, provide services to people and enable them to lead healthy and productive lives. However, when unchecked, they can also create new types of vulnerabilities, inequality, and exclusion. Recognizing this potential, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched an organization-wide digital transformation process that will splice digital into its DNA—harnessing its potential to do good for more people, better and faster.

As Kosovo institutions are preparing for the development of the Strategy for Kosovo's Future Digital Agenda, UNDP is piloting a new Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) tool in Kosovo to map out the shape, pace and types of transitions happening and what can be done to accelerate them, while ensuring that no-one is left behind in the next generation whole-of-society digital agenda. In the process of digital transformation, we will look at the ways to adopt a holistic approach at all levels, create cross-sectoral synergies, and forward the process beyond the sole focus on technology.

DRA will provide rapid and essential insights into Kosovo’s digital strengths and weaknesses, providing a platform for active engagement between UNDP and other development partners, Kosovo institutions, businesses, and the civil society. It is a tool that starts with a Survey, followed by a longer-term, thorough consultative process.

Find more information on DRA below: English, Albanian, Serbian

Webinar recording of the Roundtable on ‘Whole-of-Society Digital Transformation: Priorities, Challenges and Partnership Opportunities’, held on 4 February 2021